The State Mints of

The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg are a state-owned enterprise which mints and sells coins and medals which are of outstanding quality because they are «Made in Germany». We are the largest minting business of the Federal Republic of Germany operating on an international scale.

The coin and medal minting tradition in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg goes back more than six centuries to when the Earl of Wuerttemberg, Eberhard II, was granted the right to mint coins. In recent years our State Mints have expanded their operations beyond minting German coinage. The Baden-Wuerttemberg Mints have not only earned themselves an outstanding reputation with countries which do not have their own minting facilities but also within the numismatic world.

This is because coins minted in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are not only viewed as currency but also as valuable collectible items and a part of our cultural heritage. In keeping with this, both sites use the most environmentally friendly and advanced manufacturing methods. The success the Mints have achieved is demonstrated not only by the high level of customer satisfaction but also by the many awards they have won in recognition of their high quality standard and innovativeness. more

Münze Stuttgart Münze Karlsruhe

The mint of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

The Stuttgart mint has a 600 year tradition of minting. Coins minted in Stuttgart can be identified by the “F“ mint mark. Ever since 1827 coins have been minted in Karlsruhe. Coins minted in Karlsruhe can be identified by the “G“ mint mark. more

Company brochure

Company brochure

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